VIS Polish - Wheel Polish Machine

VIS-Polish is a fully enclosed, automated rim polishing unit that cuts, buffs and final polishes the aluminium rim (tyre on or off). This new service offers the ability to polish and repair alloys for larger vehicles, including trucks, buses and coaches, ensuring optimal wheel refining results.

The VIS-Polish machine, the first of its type in Australia polishes your alloys to a mirror finish, whilst also refurbishing the alloy. An added benefit is that it also reveals any hidden damage, which you can then be made aware of, thus meaning you know the problem before the alloy breaks.

The VIS-Polish takes the task of refurbishing large alloy wheels and makes it simple. The VIS-Polish is an automated wheel polishing system, so the task of refurbishing your alloys becomes a clean, simple and efficient task. The VIS-Polish machine applies a technique that can’t be matched by hand.

VIS-Polish Alloy Polishing, based in Perth, Australia.

If you’re based in Perth, and require large alloy polishing, then the VIS-Polish machine is the way to go. Here at Alloy Magic, we now have the capability to polish large alloys to an outstanding finish.

See below for a list of features for the VIS-Polish machine;

  • The whole wheel is sanded, or alternatively, using the sectional sanding software, the machine has the ability to sand certain parts of the wheel.
  • Tyre on / tyre off function.
  • 30 – 60 minutes per wheel.
  • 19.5, 22.5, 24.5 super singles and wide base steers.
  • Special Bead Cleaning cycle.

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